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About OMRON Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd (Global)

President & CEO
Katsuhiro Wada

The OMRON Automotive Electronic Components Business was established in 1983 in Nagoya, Japan, as a division of OMRON Corporation specializing in on-board car components. Though targeting the automotive relay business at the outset, it readily expanded into the bourgeoning field of car electronics, creating its first such product only two years later: a keyless entry system. Ever since, we have continued to both design and manufacture a range of advanced electronic and electromechanical components and systems for automakers around the world. All of our products - high-performance controllers, switches and sensors - aim to enhance vehicle safety/reliability, comfort/convenience, and energy efficiency/environmental friendliness. Learn more about our products by visiting our Products page.

In 2010, the OMRON Automotive Electronic Components Business separated from OMRON Corporation to become its own independent company: OMRON Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd. Today, our corporation operates in several regions: Japan, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, & Europe. In 2012, the Americas & Europe regions joined together and now function as OMRON Automotive Electronics Inter-Americas/Europe (OAE-IA/E). Together, they successfully sell, develop, and manufacture, a wide variety of OMRON automotive electronics.

Company Name: OMRON Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd
Headquarters: 6368 Nenjozaka, Okusa, Komaki Aichi - Japan
President & CEO: Katushiro Wada
Founded: May 6, 2010
Capital: JPY 5 billion
Employees: 4,515 Globally

About OMRON Automotive Electronics Inter-Americas/Europe

The Americas & Europe regions of the OMRON Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd. united to form OMRON Automotive Electronics Inter-Americas/Europe (OAE-IA/E) in March 2012. As one team, OAE-IA/E serves original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier One supplier customers in North America, South America and Europe. Its products—advanced electronic and electromechanical components and systems—enhance vehicle safety and reliability as well as comfort and convenience for automakers around the world.

Company Name: OMRON Automotive Electronics, Inc.-
Inter-Americas/Europe (OAE-IA/E)
Founded: Americas - 1992
Europe - 1987
Employees: 1,900 Approx.
Locations: 7
Net Sales: 324 Million

Our Mission

The mission of OMRON Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd. is to supply components of superior value in quality, price, and performance. We offer customers local support with global coordination through our worldwide network of manufacturing, engineering, quality, and sales teams.

Our Motto

"Adapting Vehicles to People"

OMRON Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd. remains devoted to impacting the automotive world in a way that benefits society. We do so by "adapting vehicles to people," or in other words, by developing automotive electronic components that serve to meet the fundamental needs of all people who encounter them in vehicles. Society wants improved levels of safety, convenience, fuel consumption, etc., and it is our duty to satisfy, or even surpass, these demands by continually adjusting our products.

Our Quality

Pivotal to the success of OMRON Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd. is an untiring dedication to achieving the highest standards of quality in everything we do for our customers - whether it's design, engineering, manufacturing, customer service, or delivery. That's why we initiated programs for our employees and facilities worldwide that adhere to the rigorous standards of TS 16949 & ISO 14001. We apply the same standards to our best-in-class suppliers. Continuous improvement drives our efforts to consistently achieve the highest levels of quality. Our central policy of "Quality First" has been validated by our customers with awards that recognize our relentless pursuit of excellence in quality and value.

Management Message

OMRON Automotive Electronics Co. Ltd.'s approach to success is to create sustainable growth and value for both our customers and our employees, as well as for the communities in which we live and work. Our formula for achievement is built on technological innovation; a dedication to quality people, products, and processes; and strong financial return.

We believe that, to be an industry leader, we must constantly challenge ourselves, question the status quo, and stretch our goals.

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